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' Like a favourite grandparent or best friend, you’ll feel part of our warm and caring family.'

Hear the joy in every precious moment

The sound of the waves crashing on the beach, meaningful conversations with friends, or the laughter of young children or grandchildren – imagine what it would be like to hear the real vibrancy of life again.

If your hearing is impacting your everyday life, trust our team at The Hearing Clinic and never miss out on another precious moment.

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Our experienced staff at the hearing clinic located in the heart of Busselton treats every client as our best friend or favourite grandparent. This is our promise to you.

We will always put your best interests first and take the time to understand the range of hearing that you have.  This starts with coming into the office for an initial hearing test.

We guarantee an exceptional level of service whether you come into the clinic or choose to take advantage of our door to door service.  The level of service is the first of its kind in Australia, because when we say we treat you like a best friend or favourite grandparent, we really meant it.

Leading Audiologists

Our fully qualified Audiologists and Audiometrists have extensive experience in the industry. We pride ourselves on being at the forefront of the latest designs and technology for hearing aid devices. So the hearing device we choose will be best suited to you. Our qualified team offers advice, support and upgrades so you can continue to live life to the fullest.

Our leading Audiologists and Audiometrists provide affordable and supportive hearing services to you. As an independent practice located in Busselton, Western Australia we are in the process of seeking accreditation through the Hearing Services Progam, and we are committed to providing you with the best solution to your hearing needs.

Initial Hearing Test

Once you’ve taken the first step and booked an initial hearing test with us, we’ll welcome you to the clinic and take you through a couple of questions before we get started with your test.

It’s nothing to worry about, you’ll simply be asked to press a button if you hear a sound. Once we have established if you are experiencing hearing loss, we will conduct more comprehensive testing and find the best solution tailored just for you.

Hearing Aids and devices for every budget

While the gift of hearing can be seen as priceless, that doesn’t mean you should be out of pocket tens of thousands of dollars. Here at The Hearing Clinic we combine exceptional service with premium products to provide you with the best value in all of our Clinics. Whilst Busselton is our head office, we aim to open further clinics and keep you informed of this progress.

We stock leading hearing aids and devices from a wide range of manufacturers giving you the flexibility in devices and features to suit your budget.

Latest hearing technology

We are fully equipped with the latest technologies and take our time to make you feel comfortable using the aids and devices and being clear on explaining to you the benefits we can deliver.

Being independently owned and managed we are able to make recommendations to suit you, as we have no obligation to any hearing aid manufacturers.

To book an initial hearing test or discuss your hearing options, contact us for a friendly chat.